What is infrared heat?

What is infrared heat?

Infrared saunas offer more therapeutic benefits than traditional heat saunas. Infrared light, the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum, penetrates the body rather than simply heating the air. The resulting increase in core body temperature stimulates detoxification, circulation and ant-inflammatory processes.

There are three types of infrared heat. All infrared rays show a wide range of benefits. Specific wavelengths, however, seem to be more effective for certain therapeutic intentions.

  • Far infrared light supports weight loss, decreased blood pressure and detoxification
  • Mid infrared light supports anti-inflammation, flexibility, and pain relief
  • Near infrared light supports skin rejuvenation and immune system function

Most infrared saunas, including the model I have, use far infrared light. The newest model from SaunasandBeyond, (which I would get, if I didn’t have my prior model) combines all three types of infrared for the most therapeutic, full-spectrum results. It is the only sauna with three separate heating elements in order to truly provide full spectrum infrared.

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